-Please ensure that there is adequate access to all rooms and structures on the property involved in your project
-Ensure that pets, children, or anything else that may impede the meeting is taken care of. They usually last from 30 mins to an hour depending on project.
-Have a general idea of what you want the project to look like, what your project schedule is, and what your budget is
-Be ready to hear ideas, suggestions, and answer questions to make sure you're getting quoted on exactly what you want!
The inspector is looking for leaks, damage, failing or overdue maintenance on appliances and systems including plumbing, roofing, yard condition, HVAC systems, electrical, and others. The inspector needs access to all areas on site for a full inspection, and may have to move furniture or other items temporarily.
Your privacy will be respected by SL Projects. Any project pictures, notes taken and specific estimate information will be for general information and become the property of SL Projects. Reasonable effort will be taken to avoid personal property in pictures. Inform SL Projects of any concerns you may have.
Generally speaking children, pets, or other dependents are not a problem. However, they need to be kept out of project areas as they present a safety risk if not controlled. If you are in a situation that may pose an issue, please let SL Projects know ahead of time.
SL projects will set up a no-obligation free consultation and come to you to gain an understanding of your needs. For clients not able to go to the project site, arrangements can be made throughout the process to ensure a successful project. An estimate will be prepared for the client’s desired work. The estimate will include proposed schedule, labor and material estimates, and other relevant information. The client when accepting the estimate and project terms will make a deposit detailed on the estimate or a schedule placeholder amount if the project is not to be started for awhile. Then the project gets started! For larger projects, periodic progress reports can be arranged. Throughout the process regular feedback ensures as smooth a process as possible. Upon completion, a final quality check will be done and a client walk-through offered before the final invoice.
A one size fits all billing approach does not work for the range of project sizes and complexities that we work with. In the initial estimate, a billing schedule will be proposed. It can be modified to suit the project or customer preference if needed. Sometimes it’s easier to get one invoice at the end of the job; sometimes it makes sense to break up payments by type of work completed or a regular schedule. We can customize billing so that it is flexible to suit your project needs. We accept most forms of payment, if you’re not sure ask.
SL projects strives to adapt to your project needs as much as possible. Sometimes, just Scott and a helper are enough. Other times, specialty expertise is needed or a larger work crew to get the job done according to your schedule. In these cases, SL projects will work with trusted local businesses to make sure your project needs are met. If this is identified as a need at the project start it will be identified or brought to your attention if project plans change. Remember, we manage all the details so you don’t have to!
This is the million dollar question! SL Projects strives to ensure accurate estimating of schedule and costs. It’s what sets us apart from the competition. That being said, the nature of construction and especially renovations means that sometimes issues that affect construction can pop up unexpectedly. Things like safety issues, unseen existing damage, availability of repair materials, permitting scheduling, requested project changes, availability of subcontractors and a host of other factors can all affect your project. Dealing with issues is part of the job, and that’s why SL Projects is there for you to offer solutions and guidance throughout the process. Schedules are not guarantees but every effort will be taken to bring your project in on schedule.
Balancing efficient access to your work areas and keeping out of your way as best as possible is something that we continually strive towards. Noise and dust is part of construction, but we minimize this as much as possible and keep our work-spaces tidy. We comply with all local bylaws in your area to ensure peace with the neighbors! Arrangements such as using plastic to separate areas, protecting floors, blocking vents temporarily, and using positive or negative pressure and filtering to control dust can be used when needed. Let us know if you have any medical issues such as asthma that require special considerations when planning your project.