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When doing and hiring out work for his own projects, Scott realized the potential in a business that can take on all the challenges and project gaps that the bigger guys gloss over. Some businesses would come in when they felt like it, communicate sporadically, and not coordinate with other businesses or trades. This left a lot of work “between the lines”, a lot of headaches, and a lot of learning.

SL Projects fixes all that. It offers a local “one-stop shop” for clients that integrates planning, quality control, and permitting across a range of  different trades required to build a quality project on time and on budget. SL projects is your single point of contact for all details related to your project. Because we do it all you don’t have to worry about juggling multiple contractors, invoices, whether permits are required, or if anyone is going to be on site that day.

Flexibility and organization is key.  Working with clients specific and often changing tastes while balancing schedule and budget can be a fine art. One that we excel at. From a deck repair to a complete turnkey investment property  or anywhere in between, let SL projects prove why they have been trusted with over a hundred successful projects and counting.

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Mission Statement

“Providing a superior project experience by demonstrating value, quality, and project excellence.”

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